Q – I am a complete beginner/very unfit/cannot touch my toes, are your classes suitable for me?

A – Most definitely. I strive to make my classes accessible to all levels. You are encouraged to work within your current capabilities and level of fitness. I strongly discourage competitiveness. Yoga teaches us to listen to our own bodies and do what is right for US.

Q – I have an injury/illness/condition, is it safe for me to join your classes?

– If you have health concerns you should speak to your G.P. in the first instance to get a diagnosis and a recommendation on whether Yoga is advisable. In most cases, Yoga is suitable or even recommended, but best to check with a medical professional.

Q – Do I have to book online? Can I just drop in?

A – I limit the number of practitioners per class so as to provide a good experience. This means that most classes fill up quite quickly, so it is necessary to book. You can easily check availability in the online booking system.

Q – What should I wear? Do I need a mat? Any other equipment?

A – Wear something comfortable that you can freely move in. No need for special footware as Yoga is practiced barefoot. Bring your own mat and any props you wish to use such as block, belt, blanket. I would definitely recommend at least a small blanket.

Q – How long are the yoga classes? 

A – They are one hour and 15 minutes long.

Q – What style of Yoga do you teach?

A – My classes draw from various Hatha Yoga traditions. They emphasise proper breathing and include individual asanas  (postures) and sequences such as the Surya Namaskara, or “salute to the sun”.

Q – How much do your classes cost?

A – All pricing options are here.

There are also special discount codes available on the booking page if your circumstances mean you could not afford to join otherwise.

Q – What is your cancellation and refunds policy?

A – You can find the terms and conditions here.

Q – I would love to attend but can’t afford your classes!

A – Although I obviously need to make a living, I don’t want money to be what is stopping anyone from practising Yoga. On the booking page there are coupon codes that can be used to book the online classes at half price or for free.