My Yoga Place offers online and  in-person classes. We aim to be a safe, relaxed and friendly space where to explore meditation and movement practices together.

The Yoga classes draw from various Hatha Yoga traditions and focus on connecting mindful, dynamic movement, static postures and conscious breath to improve self-confidence, strength, flexibility and range of motion.

All Yoga classes end with blissful relaxation and will leave you feeling lighter, energised and, at the same time, deeply relaxed. I foster a non-competitive, judgement-free environment and welcome all levels of ability and physical fitness.

The meditation classes, although secular in nature, draw from the Buddhist tradition.


(Booking required)

Class TypeStart TimeEnd Time
Yoga for Wellbeing – Online10:0011:15
Zen Buddhist meditation group – FREE18:0018:45
Yoga for Wellbeing – Online19:0020:15
Yoga for Wellbeing – Mossblown10:0011:15
Restorative Yoga – Online (from August 24th)18:3020:00
Yoga for Wellbeing – Online10:0011:15
Restorative Yoga – Online (until August 18th)18:3020:00
Yoga for Wellbeing – Mauchline (from August 25th)19:0020:15
Yoga for Wellbeing – Loans10:0011:15
Yoga for Wellbeing – Loans (until July 29th)19:0020:15
Yoga for Wellbeing – Troon (from August 26th)19:0020:15
Yoga for Wellbeing – Online (until August 20th)10:0011:15
Yoga for Wellbeing – Stair (from August 27th)10:0011:15
Yoga for Wellbeing – Online10:0011:15
Zen Buddhist meditation group – FREE11:3012:15

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